A Tour of Istanbul

A Tour of Istanbul is such an exciting part since you will be indulging into a lot of historical knowledge about this nation and sightseeing different sites along with its tradition, culture and civilization. Istanbul is a multi-faceted city which represents different types of antiquities and architectural designs which were influenced by the reigning empires before it was civilized. Tourists find this city very interesting and colorful because almost all places here mark a historical adventure of Istanbul.

Istanbul features one of the most unique tourist spots like the Spice Market, Suleymaniye Bath and Dolmabahce Sarayi which is a full-entertainment to the tourists and even to the locals.

Spice Market

The Spice Market houses Istanbul’s wide collection of herbs and spices since it is popularly known internationally due to its original tastes and smell of these products. Most tourists are quite fascinated with the herbs and spices which are only found in Spice Market and they tend to bring some for a taste of Istanbul’s finest dishes at home.

Suleymaniye Bath

The Hamam facilitates both men and women to enjoy Turkish bath and to adjust tourists from the changing climate of Istanbul. It has a changing room, hot room and cold room which vary according to their guests preferences. Modern Turkish bath can join both sexes in the same room to allow families to enjoy such together.

Dolmabahce Sarayi

This palace eloquently exhibits a blend of European, Turkish and Hindu style which is also one of the most imposing structures within Istanbul. It was built by Abdul Mecit in the 19th century, who was known to be the culprit for Ottoman Empire’s bankruptcy. He indulged all the profit for his own gain, built this building to mark his own reign.