The weather in Istanbul

The best time to visit Istanbul

Istanbul is known for its vagaries of weather. From rainfall to cold winters and hot summers, you can experience almost every possible type of climate here. October to March is a time when it is rather cold. Cold chilly winds are common during the month of December. The temperature usually ranges between 0 degrees Celcius to 14 degrees Celcius here during the winter months. If you are someone who is coming from the warmer parts of the world, you are sure to enjoy the many delights of the city during its cold winters.

Spring usually arrives during the month of May and it is when the tourists begin to flock the city. Spring usually lasts till July and during this time of the year, the temperature hovers between an average low of 12 degrees Celcius to a high of 25 degrees Celcius. The city also experiences intermittent spells of sharp showers during this time of the year. The flowers are in full bloom during the season and the entire city wears a festive look.

July and august are the months that you will find the city hottest. For those who love to soak in the sun though, this is perhaps the best time to visit the city. The fall season lasts from September to October and is the time of the year, when tourists from around the world , being neither too hot or nor too cold. There could be an odd day or two when you can experience extremely hot or cold climate during the fall season too.


Why Istanbul for a vacation?

Istanbul is fast becoming one of the most sought after tourist destination in the world. With the city being located exactly in the center of two continents, it is also an important hub for business travelers. This being the case, it does not come as a surprise that a huge number of visitors from around the world visit the city. Fortunately, for all those visiting the city, there are a number of options available, as far as their stay is concerned. They can choose from budget hotels Istanbul, inns, luxury resorts and hostels. Affordable accommodation in the form of budget hotels in Istanbul can be found in many different parts of the city. You can find several budget hotels in the areas leading to the airport. The Sultanahmet and Taskim areas are the other places where you can find several budget hotels in Istanbul.

One of the good things about Istanbul budget hotels  is that they offer almost all the modern amenities that you can find in hotels elsewhere in the world. Some of the amenities typically on offer in these budget hotels include, satellite television, mini bar, telephone, private bathrooms, spa and Jacuzzi, to mention only a few. The Divas Hotel in the old city is a good example for a typical budget hotel in the city. This hotel is located right opposite the famous Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque. Elegantly decorated, it has become a favorite with tourists visiting the city. Similarly, the Grand Yavuz is another hotel that has become very popular with tourists, with its unique combination of traditional hospitality and modern amenities.

Inexpensive Hotels in Istanbul

Like any city, Istanbul has its share of cheap hotels. The only problem is that Istanbul is a huge metropolis with 13 million people and is flooded with tourists all year round. While there are many cheap Istanbul hotels, the main difficulty is finding one with vacancies. Thus, for any visitor from outside of Turkey, it is wise to make a booking before hand, much in advance of your vacation. Not speaking the language and differences in cultures can make search for a cheap hotel quite difficult once you have arrived.

However, for the traveler who is well prepared, staying in one of the cheap Istanbul hotels can be worth it. One great cheap Istanbul hotel is the Hotel Agan. Located next to the Orient railway station, it offers twin beds, buffet breakfast and internet access. The cost of double room with queen sized bed is $45. The Star Hotel is another great cheap Istanbul hotel and is only 200 meters from the Turkish Islamic Art Museum.  You will definitely want to visit the Turkish Islamic Art Museam.  However, back to the Star Hotel.   It is similar to hotel Agan and offers a comfortable bed and is very safe. The cost for a night’s stay at the Star Hotel is $52.

The Emirhan Inn apartment is like any motel in North America and is only 100 meters from little Hagia Sophia, a mosque you will not want to miss because of its history and exquisite architecture. The Emirhan Inn costs $59 a night. Other similar cheap Istanbul hotels include the Dara hotel located near the airport, Hotel Santa Sophia and the Olympiyat.  These are just some of the hotels you can search on the internet and try making a reservation on the internet.

Most of the above mentioned hotels are located in the prime central areas of Istanbul where all the monuments and historic sites are. It’s a good idea to be close to the things that you want to see.  Otherwise, you are going to have to be using taxis and walking all the time when you are there.  The traveler should understand that these relatively cheap hotels are not like the Hilton and one has to be practical and realistic. The cheap hotels in Istanbul are more for the single back pack traveler or person on a budget who is there for a short vacation. But rest assured, the majority of these hotels are safe, comfortable and even serve great authentic Turkish cuisine at a relatively low price in their restaurants.