Night Life in Istanbul

You might be thinking that there’s no night life in Istanbul, and that things must get pretty boring here in the evenings.  However, this is not true.

You will be busy at night time and there is something for everyone.

Nightlife in Istanbul

Not only are there great dance clubs in Istanbul, there are fabulous restaurants where you can eat some of the best food in the world.  There are also a lot of bars and cafes, rave and techno night clubs.  The music scene is incredible and you will find yourself with so much to do at night.  Bars stay open late – between 2 – 4:00 a.m. and some even later if you have the energy.  There are some good clubs in Taksim and Beyoglu and some very well known dance clubs along the Bosphorus.  For good music and atmosphere, go to the bistro “Cats and Dogs” in Bebek.

Some nightclubs offer Oriental shows – full of exotic bellydancing, Russian dancers and cabaret singers.

For great jazz, latin music, reggae and electronica, try the club called Babylon in Beyoglu.  It’s open five nights a week.  There’s lots to do and see in the way of Istanbul culture.

Be careful about seedier places where they will serve you watered down drinks and charge you exhorbitant prices for the company of dubious ladies.  You will get ripped off!

When you go out in the evening, always bring your passport.  You never know.